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Welcome to the website of the Ohiariha study project

Ohiariha is a study project carried out by 26 students from the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. The project investigates technologies emerging from Canada.

The study project involves several different research assignments. First of all the students will become familiar with Canada and the Canadian industry. A second part of the project is a research project in the field of electrical engineering conducted for a Dutch company. The study project is finalized with a trip to Canada, where companies and research institutes in the field of electrical engineering are visited.

Name and Logo
The study tour will be held in June 2007. June is called Ohiariha in Mohawk (a native Canadian language). The logo is a combination of the zodiac crab and the Canadian maple leaf.

There is various information available on the website. In the project summary there's more information about the goal and the theme of the project. In tour reports you can find a daily updated weblog during our trip and some photographs. In the travel scheme submenu there's more information about the study-tour itself.